Thursday, January 31, 2013

New Formula: S-Curl No Drip

Hello Saints! I was in need of my staple moisturizer S-Curl No Drip and found out that Luster's has changed the ingredients. I was kind of concerned because I did not know if the change was for the better or the worse. The new formula is now paraben free which is good. However they have added DMDM Hydantoin (formaldehyde preservative) in it's place. The new fragrance is wonderful. Definitely will take the new smell. The other new ingredients are Argan oil and Olive oil. Those are some great oils for hair care so thumbs up on those as well.

Thursday, January 10, 2013


Hello Saints! Happy New Year by the way! Well now that the holidays are done I come into the new year with extra pounds that I thought I would leave back in 2012. It's only 5 pounds but those few extra pounds can make a difference in how clothes feel when you put them on. So, I'm going back to the drawing board in full. I'm going to start on Phase 1 of the '17 Day Diet' by Dr. Mike Moreno. My husband has decided that he too is going to join in on the journey as well. If you have not heard of the '17 Day Diet' I highly recommend taking a look into it. I started reading and actively doing the diet and I loss pounds quickly and safely. The book is easy reading and there is nothing in there for food that you do not already eat. Dr. Moreno helps us to eat right and get more healthy eating in our lifestyle. By time you get to phase 4 you are able to put back the treats that we liked back in the day every now and then.

Saturday, January 05, 2013

BEE MINE All the Time

Hello Saints! I pray all is well with everyone. The holidays are over but the the hair journey must go one! LOL

So, for a while I was looking for a moisturizing deep conditioner. I wanted it to be protein free since I like use Aphogee Two Minute for my weekly protein treatment and I follow up with a moistruizing deep conditioning. I had tried various sample packs from Sally Beauty and others from department stores like Walmart. I had some great results but I was not too impresed with some of the ingredients. Sometimes my hair would be moisturized after the rinse but once completely dry it was dull and bone dry as if I had not deep condition.