Monday, October 08, 2012


Hello Saints! After a 7 month stretch I texlaxed my hair Friday October 5th. It was the 2nd time this year doing a texlax. I was quite suprised that I was able to stretch as long as I did. I use to faithfully get a touch up every 8 weeks when I would completely relax my hair. Me, go without a chemical service for 7 months? WHAT??!! That was the past and now I am looking forward to the future.

What is texlaxing you may wonder? Well texlaxing is using a relaxer to texturize the hair. To keep the relaxer from straightening rapidly oil and/or a conditioner is added. Even if someone is actually relaxing their hair, adding oil or a conditioner is a great way to conditioner the hair during the process plus it gives you enough time to apply the relaxer if your are new to self-relaxing. There are kits to buy that are made specifically for texturizing too so that is another option. I have to say now that I texlax instead of relaxing, my hair is thicker and stronger and  not limp and weak. My hair has thinned out alot after having my 3rd child. Now that we are done having kids (Lord willing) I pray my hair will fill in as I continue to take proper care of it. With me texlaxing my hair I believe will help my hair along the way. If I do want a straight look I flat iron hair. :o)

For my texlax I use Mizani Butter Blends Relaxer- Mild. I mixed it down with TRESemmé Naturals Conditioner Nourishing Moisture and mustard seed oil. I applied it to my newgrowth only, lightly smoothed and let it process no more than 17 minutes. I rinsed it out with warm water for a few minutes then apply Aphogee 2 Minute Reconstructor for 5 minutes, rinsed and shampoo'd with Mizani Butter Blends Balance Hair Bath which a nuetralizing and chelating shampoo. Once the relaxer was completely shampoo'd out I did a deep conditioning treatment with Elasta QP DPR-10 for 20 minutes with heat. There after I did a roller set and called it a day.

My hair felt wonderful! I still have my texture but my curls have been loosened just enough. Instead of  tight and tough they are loose and soft. I have 4a/b type hair so my curls are actually tight kinky and very small coils. The texlax process did my coils great justice. I have had no problems with shedding outside of my natural daily shed and no breakage issues. I'm diggn' how my texture feels! 

All in all, texlaxing is the way to go for me. I do not plan to stretch another 7 months but I will do a touch up every 4 months. I have some straight ends left from relaxing so I'm slowly trimming them out and doing what I can to keep them from breaking off. My hair is growing pretty well so I should have them trimmed completely off in no time.

I pray all is well with everyone this day and every day. As always, stay near the cross. You never know who you may meet there. Be blessed! :o)

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