Thursday, October 25, 2012

Jamaican Black Castor Oil

Hello Saints! When I started my healthy hair care journey I was not too knowlegable about oils for the hair.  In fact the only oil I knew about growing up was grease.  The only grease I really remember seeing used in my house was Blue Magic or Royal Crown Hair Dressing.  Now after a year of being on a hair care journey, I have almost become an oil junky! There are some oils I have still yet to test out but there is no rush there since I am pretty content with the oils I am currently using in my hair care. One  being Jamaican Black Castor Oil.  I knew about castor oil but have NEVER heard of black castor oil.  Honestly what I did know about castor oil was it was used as a laxative and to help induce labor (I do not know if it works for labor though).  I did not know that it could be used for the hair. Now that I am continuously researching on how to properly care for my hair as well as my family's hair as a whole, I started to see castor oil and black castor oil appear.
I started using JBCO almost a year ago when I needed some assistance with growing my edges back in when pretty much my whole hair line broke. My edges suffered the most. I came across Hairlicious and read about how JBCO can help with thickening and promoting growth of the hair. There after I began to Google and Bing about all the benefits of JBCO and where I can purchase some.  Here are a few benefits or using JBCO:

Friday, October 12, 2012

Deep Conditioning Treatment

Hello Saints! Well, it is Friday! Today I am going to do my deep condtioning treatment. I have faithfully been doing deep conditioing treatments once a week. Even when I do not feel like it, I get it done. There are somethings that I do not want to slack in and one of them is being diligent about my hair care. :o)

Last week I ran out of my Beautiful Textures Deep Moisture deep conditioner so I needed to restock. This was a great opportunity to try something different. This time I picked up Elasta QP DRP-11 deep conditioner. I had used it before a few years ago when I was relaxing my hair. They have changed the ingredients since so I am giving it another try on my now texlaxed hair.

Monday, October 08, 2012


Hello Saints! After a 7 month stretch I texlaxed my hair Friday October 5th. It was the 2nd time this year doing a texlax. I was quite suprised that I was able to stretch as long as I did. I use to faithfully get a touch up every 8 weeks when I would completely relax my hair. Me, go without a chemical service for 7 months? WHAT??!! That was the past and now I am looking forward to the future.