Thursday, May 03, 2012

21 Day Hair Fast

Yes Saints for 21 days I will be on a hair fast. I know you may be thinking 'What's a hair fast?'. For the next few weeks I vow not to use any hair appliances (ie blow drier, flat iron, ect.) or styling products (ie gel, foam wrap, ect.). I will not even use the cool setting on the blow drier during the 21 days. Just complete air dry. The only thing that will be going on my hair is 100% all natural products, butters and oils. I will keep my hair in the green house effect *(GHE) also for the majority of the days and through the nights. I will let my hair air out throughout the day so it will not get a sour smell from the GHE. On days that I excercise I will rinse my hair with water only or with my all natural conditioner. When I have to go some place I will wear either my half wig or drawstring ponytail. No shampoo will be needed during this hair fast since I will not have any concerns of product build up. I will end my hair fast a day or so after I'm planning to relax my hair.

"Why are you doing this Cbclady?" Well....
  • to further increase my relationship with the Lord by prayer and meditation
  • to keep my new growth moisturized
  • displine myself away from heat
  • to keep me out of my hair since my new growth is a beast right now and finally
  • to help promote a little more growth by doing the GHE.
My first day went rather well. I will not attempt to comb my hair too much during this time. If I do comb out my hair it will while in the shower with conditioner in my hair for slip.

So, that's it. I am VERY excited that I'm on this hair fast. I know some would call this a "challenge" but to me it's more of a fast. I will be praying through this fast because I know I will need the Lord to keep me motivated. This will be a faith builder in knowing that God will guide and strengthen me to do this hair fast. Some people can do everything I'm doing in my hair fast for months at a time without any flaws or second thoughts. For me, however, this will be a test of faith and endurence. I'm going to make it through faithfully and come out victoreous, in the name of Jesus!
I will be posting updates on how the hair fast is going so be on the look out. Be blessed Saints! :o)

*Green House Effect courtsey of Meeka Jael of

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