Thursday, April 03, 2014

Long Term Protective Style: Crochet Braid Extensions

Hello there Saints! I'm still out here. I have been hibernating (aka pouting) since I heat damaged my hair in December 2013. After ending my transition to natural in August 2013, four months later I heat damaged my hair majorly! How did you do that CBCLady? I had the bright idea to flat iron my hair in order self trim.  I actually flat ironed twice in the same week. The second flat iron with my GVP flat iron from Sally Beauty was the straw that broke the camel's back. The flat iron itself is awesome however I did not keep my temperature down and the end result...HEAT DAMAGE.

Yes, Saints, I am now currently transitioning out of the heat damage.  I was on the line to just buzz all my hair off when I realized I had damaged my hair. After counseling with my husband and the Lord (of course), I decided to transition out of the heat damage. How are you transitioning out of your heat damage, CBCLady?  Keep reading to find out... ;o)

Crochet Braids
What are crochet braid extensions? Crochet braid extensions are God sent first off. To do them you will need 10-12 cornrow braids, a crochet latch hook and braiding hair. After you cornrow the hair down,  insert the crochet latch hook under your cornrow, hook the braid hair onto the hook and pull it through under the braid. There after you make a simple slip knot of the hair and there you have it! No glue. No thread or needle. Just a simple slip knot of  the braid hair on your cornrow. It is HIGHLY recommended to use a curly braid hair for crochet braids. Straight hair can be used but glue may be needed on the knot other wise it may not stay since straight braid hair can be too silky to hold the knot. I used 2 and half packs of Freetress Bulk Gogo Curl in #4 for my crochet braids.

How do you care for crochet braids?
The maintenance of crochet braids for me has been hassle free.  Crochet braid extensions allow me to get to my hair and scalp easily which was a must for any longer term protective style I do.   If cared for properly, this protective style can last up to 8 weeks! Given that, this is the go to style for me. I absolute love this long term protective style.  All I have to do in the morning is shake and go. It does not get any easier than that outside of slipping a good 'ol wig on. :o)

I moisturize my hair and scalp daily using Shea Moisture Volumizing Mist and African Pride BRX Braid and Extension Sheen Spray.  Every other day I will spray my hair and scalp with S-Curl No drip (original formula) which is awesome at keeping my hair and scalp moisturized.   I oil scalp 3x weekly using JBCO (Jamaican black castor oil) since I don't cleanse as often with this style.  I shampoo my hair and scalp once weekly using an application bottle so I can easily apply it to my scalp.  I use a shampoo mix of a clarifying and moisturizing shampoo. Using my 4oz application bottle, I add 1oz shampoo mix and fill the rest of the bottle with water. After shampooing and conditioning, I t-shirt dry for 30 minutes then proceed with my moisturizers and stylers. I also spritz my hair once weekly with Aphogee Keratin & Green Tea Restructurizer for protein maintenance. At night I wear a satin sleep bonnet which works great since the hair is not long. In the morning I spray the extensions with water and my scalp with the Volumizing Mist, shake and go. That's it!

Needless to say, I was very heart broken when I learned I had heat damaged my hair. I cannot thank the Lord enough for leading me to crochet braids to help me grow out the damage. Heat damaged hair is NOT fixable. The only way to get rid of it is cutting it off. So throughout 2014 I will be in crochet braid extensions which is my light and the end of the tunnel.

I pray all is well with everyone this day and every. As always, stay near the cross because you never know who you may meet there. Be blessed Saints! :o)

In Christ's Love,
CBCLady :o)

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