Thursday, April 03, 2014

Long Term Protective Style: Crochet Braid Extensions

Hello there Saints! I'm still out here. I have been hibernating (aka pouting) since I heat damaged my hair in December 2013. After ending my transition to natural in August 2013, four months later I heat damaged my hair majorly! How did you do that CBCLady? I had the bright idea to flat iron my hair in order self trim.  I actually flat ironed twice in the same week. The second flat iron with my GVP flat iron from Sally Beauty was the straw that broke the camel's back. The flat iron itself is awesome however I did not keep my temperature down and the end result...HEAT DAMAGE.

Yes, Saints, I am now currently transitioning out of the heat damage.  I was on the line to just buzz all my hair off when I realized I had damaged my hair. After counseling with my husband and the Lord (of course), I decided to transition out of the heat damage. How are you transitioning out of your heat damage, CBCLady?  Keep reading to find out... ;o)