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Operation: Length Retention

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Hello Saints! Now that I am confident in caring for my transitioning hair, I have now began focusing on ways to retain my length. I had mentioned before in a previous post about Operation: Length Retention, so in this post I will share with you what I plan on doing through out my transition to help retain length and commitments I am making to see it happen.

What is Operation: Length Retention?
It is methods, styles and products I am using and/or doing to help minimize breakage in order to retain length. Our hair is always growing however if we are not protecting our strands from breaking, we will not see the growth that is happening. I do not believe there is anything that can make the hair grow, however I do believe there are products and supplements that can help strength our hair and keep our scalp healthy for growth.

Having an over all healthy lifestyle can also help with hair growth too. I am using Gro-Aut products to help aid in hair growth but I am not relying solely on the product to grow my hair. I am relying on prayer and guidance through the Lord to help me understand what I must do to retain health and length of my hair. I truly believe in having a healthy scalp and hair before length. Unhealthy hair can grow and have length but I do not find that combination attractive for myself.  I want the whole attractive package of having a healthy scalp and lengthy healthy hair. :o)

Operation: Length Retention - How To
How does one retain the length of their hair? Great question! That is what this operation is all about: learning how to retain length.  Some people have no real problem with breakage or shedding but then there are people like me that must take extra steps in my hair care to retain length and/or to keep breakage at bay.

One of the things I am currently doing is narrowing down products that are not benefiting my hair care in any way. I may like it but there is no need for me to keep applying something to my hair that is doing more harm than good. So this is what I am referring to as Process of Elimination. I feel this is a process we should be doing anyway when it comes to our hair care in general. True enough we go through trial and error when choosing products but if it does not work, then on to the next. 

There are various products and tools that I have removed from my regimen through out my transition and hair care journey as a whole. One of the biggest things I have taken out recently which I had as a staple was Extra Virgin Coconut oil. I had blogged in April about how I had been using EVCO for a few months as a prepoo over night. Now overtime it had began to act like protein in my hair. My hair had become brittle, coarse and dry. I could not retain moisture no matter what moisturizing treatments or products I used. I am still using EVCO in my skin care but it is a no-no for my hair care.  It was great on my relaxed hair but not on my semi-natural hair. Go figure! At  least I know if I need some strengthening to my hair EVCO will do the job.

I have began doing more styles that will either protect my ends and/or minimize manipulating my hair on a regular basis. Things like buns, flat twist outs and bantu knot outs are some styles I am wearing throughout this operation. I have also began wearing phony ponytails to cover my bun and will began wearing my half-wigs once again. I am currently on a search for a full cap wig as well. I have also incorporated heat SAFELY into my hair as I have blogged about before. Some will say to avoid heat in order to retain leangth. Depending on the condition of someone's hair, heat may not be an option to help retain healthy length. As for me heat stretching, whether by blow drying or flat iron, has been beneficial in helping me to avoid kinks, knots and tangles there for allowing me to retain length.  Heat is an option I chose to add to my hair regimen and I recommend to truly know your hair before incorporating heat into your regimen. 

I cannot stress enough to properly wash, deep condition and use a heat protectant when using heat. I do not flat iron my hair above 410°F and flat iron on a bi-weekly basis to avoid heat damage. Please understand heat damaged hair is permanent and can only be removed by cutting!

There you have it Saints! Operation: Length Retention is in full play. I will continue to post various techniques and products I use through out this operation. I do not have any set length goal at this time. I just want to have the healthiest hair and learn to retain length to the best of my ability. Being on a transitioning journey to natural is a great time for me to learn how to retain length. If you have any questions, please let me know. As always, stay near the cross because you never know who you may meet there. I pray all is well with everyone. Be blessed! :o)

In Christ's Love,

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