Friday, April 05, 2013

Transitioning: 6 Months Post

Hello Saints! Wow, it's been 6 months already! This is not my record in stretching. My record is 7 months. So, after I get over into my 8th month then I will be cooking! LOL 

All is going GREAT with my transition. I have been experimenting still with styles to blend the two textures. There is still no issues with breakage or shedding (Thank God).  I did trim more off in March. I will not be putting scissors to my hair again until I am ready to cut the remaining relaxer off my ends (can someone say Challenge??!). I have minimized using direct heat to 1x every 2 months or so which is a huge change in my hair care. I have learned to survive without having to always blow dry or flat iron my hair. Having limited direct heat in my hair care is doing wonders for the health of my hair.

This is a photo of a  successful roller set! I have been trying at roller sets for a while and I finally got it.... some what. LOL It is not the best but it is the best yet for sure. It has to be in order for me to be willing to share a photo. :o) This time around I did not use the snap on cover to the rollers. I used metal clips which is what I wanted to learn to do. The last time I used the snap on covers, I had  MAJOR breakage. So there was no way I was going that root again. I was so excited I was able to get a firm grip with the clips on the rollers. There is a roller cheat set I read about, so I went to good 'ol YouTube and watched how to do a cheat roller set. 

To do a cheat roller set you will make 4-6 ponytails and roll the hair that way. The only thing with that is that there will be an indent from the ponytail holder. To resolve that you will need to either blow out the roots or flat iron. I'm not trying to do either but I will still try this method but without the blow out or flat iron. Where there is a will, there is a way. :o)

I pray all is well with you all this day and every day. As always, stay near the cross because you never know who you may meet there. Be blessed Saints! :oD

In Christ's Love,

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