Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Shampoo Day Essentials

Hello Saints!  In order for me to have a sucessful shampoo day, these are my must have items:

1. Comb for detangling
2. Salon mixing bowl
3. Teaspoon
4. Application brush
5. Plastic cap
6. T-shirt

Okay, now I will share why these are my essentials for my shampoo day. 

The first item is definitely my number one, my detangling comb (1).  I comb my hair out twice weekly on my wash days only with conditioner in my hair.  Some can detangle their hair without issue with using running water only but for my hair texture there must be conditioner applied first.  I have transitioning neck length hair, so I start from the back beginning at the ends and work my way  up to the front and sides.  That is how I know to make sure to get my ends first then work up to the new growth.  As long as I have my trusty Tresemme Naturals Nourishing Conditioner in, my detangling secession is a breeze.

The mixing bowl (2) and teaspoon (3) is for mixing up my oil and deep conditioner.  I always deep condition once a week faithfully.  I scoop 3-4 teaspoons deep conditioner and add 3 teaspoons of my oil mixture (grapeseed oil, castor oil, jamaican black castor oil and peppermint essential oil) in my mixing bowl.  I part my hair down the middle and using my application brush (4) I apply my deep conditioning mix beginning at the roots.  I started using the application brush after learning I need to get my deep conditioner down in my new growth better. It works like a charm.  Once I have the conditioner in  from root to ends including the scalp, I will comb it through.  Now time to apply the plastic cap (5).  Before applying the plastic cap I sometime wrap a wet hot towel around my hair for an added steam treatment when needed.  Once the plastic cap is on I will sit under my hood dried for 20 minutes or about an hour or so without heat.

After the deep conditioning is done, I will CoWash (conditioner only wash) it out and finally t-shirt dry (6).  Since I began my hair care journey I have been using t-shirts for drying my hair. The t-shirt help keep the cuticles smooth and laid.  I do not have to worry about my hair getting caught on fibers like with a towel.  Just like a towel I place the t-shirt on my hair then twist and tuck for a few minutes and proceed with the rest of my routine.

So Saints, there you have it! My shampoo day essentials. I faithfully use these items every week I shampoo. On my CoWash day I will only use my comb for detangling and my t-shirt for drying.  As I have said, I only comb/detangle my hair twice weekly. The rest of the week I will finger comb only.  I am 4 months into my transition and all is well with my routine. 

I pray all is well with everyone all this day and every day.  As always Saints, stay near the cross because you never know who you may meet there. Be blessed! :o)

In Christ's Love,
CBCLady :o)

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