Thursday, January 10, 2013


Hello Saints! Happy New Year by the way! Well now that the holidays are done I come into the new year with extra pounds that I thought I would leave back in 2012. It's only 5 pounds but those few extra pounds can make a difference in how clothes feel when you put them on. So, I'm going back to the drawing board in full. I'm going to start on Phase 1 of the '17 Day Diet' by Dr. Mike Moreno. My husband has decided that he too is going to join in on the journey as well. If you have not heard of the '17 Day Diet' I highly recommend taking a look into it. I started reading and actively doing the diet and I loss pounds quickly and safely. The book is easy reading and there is nothing in there for food that you do not already eat. Dr. Moreno helps us to eat right and get more healthy eating in our lifestyle. By time you get to phase 4 you are able to put back the treats that we liked back in the day every now and then.

When I first started the diet. WAIT! Let me stop saying diet. I know that word scares people including me. This book is more of a change in lifestyle for your health and eating habits. It honestly is. It is very easy to follow and you do not need to adjust your pantry to include additional items in order to follow the book. Most of the the foods and ingredients I pretty much already had I just needed the book to help me to put it all together to help loose weight. It did just that too. The book is broken down into four phases that are 17 days long each. So, depending on how much and how quickly you are trying to loose weight, you can start out on any phase. I pretty much keep having to go back to phase 1 especially now that the holidays has passed. Within phase 1 of the book I dropped nearly 11 pounds! I'll admit that phase 1 is the most difficult if you are a sugar monster or soda junkie. The book takes out all sugar in phase 1. The only sugar I consumed was from my fruits I have twice a day and Truvia that is my sugar substitute. My protein in phase 1 is lean poultry and fish. I can have all the salad I want and 2 whole eggs daily. Believe or not I never felt hungry during this phase. I was shocked that I was not getting hungry and I was loosing the weight quickly and in a healthy non-starving way. On top of the healthy eating guidelines in the book the only exercise I need to do is walk 17 minutes a day at a minimum. How cool is that?! So, after I put my daughter on the school bus, my little boy and I go for a nice morning walk 5 days a week. Easy breezy! 

My goal is to loose the 5 additional pounds I gained from the holidays and loose 5 more pounds totaling 10 pounds. I'm now on day 3 of phase 1 and I have already loss 3 pounds. No, I'm not starving myself. I am following phase 1 of the book and eating as recommended in the book. Period! Needless to say I definitely recommend this book if you are serious about changing your eating habits and loosing weight. If you have any questions, please let me know. 

I pray is well with you and your family. Be blessed and as always, stay near the cross. You never know who you may meet there. :o)

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