Thursday, October 25, 2012

Jamaican Black Castor Oil

Hello Saints! When I started my healthy hair care journey I was not too knowlegable about oils for the hair.  In fact the only oil I knew about growing up was grease.  The only grease I really remember seeing used in my house was Blue Magic or Royal Crown Hair Dressing.  Now after a year of being on a hair care journey, I have almost become an oil junky! There are some oils I have still yet to test out but there is no rush there since I am pretty content with the oils I am currently using in my hair care. One  being Jamaican Black Castor Oil.  I knew about castor oil but have NEVER heard of black castor oil.  Honestly what I did know about castor oil was it was used as a laxative and to help induce labor (I do not know if it works for labor though).  I did not know that it could be used for the hair. Now that I am continuously researching on how to properly care for my hair as well as my family's hair as a whole, I started to see castor oil and black castor oil appear.
I started using JBCO almost a year ago when I needed some assistance with growing my edges back in when pretty much my whole hair line broke. My edges suffered the most. I came across Hairlicious and read about how JBCO can help with thickening and promoting growth of the hair. There after I began to Google and Bing about all the benefits of JBCO and where I can purchase some.  Here are a few benefits or using JBCO:

  • hair and scalp conditioner
  • skin moisturizer and healer
  • massage oil for aches, pains, fibroids and lumps in the breasts
  • a powerful laxative
  • first aid for cuts, wounds and burns
  • locks moisture in hair
  • helps hair grow longer, stronger, thicker and healthier
  • helps protect skin from bacteria, yeast and fungus
JBCO is a very thick and rich oil so I personally use it on my scalp only. It can be used to seal in moisture for the hair however my hair is too thin to use it as a seal. It will weigh down my hair however I LOOOOOOOOVESS it as a scalp oil. I have to admit I need to mix it with castor oil to cut it because of the potency of JBCO. It made my scalp itch but that is not from any reaction or irritation. I have learned that JBCO draws out toxins from the scalp and upon the toxins making contact with the scalp it will make it itchy. No biggy though!
I purchase an 8oz bottle of JBCO at for about $15 with shipping. Shop around though for the best prices with shipping. I faithfully use it twice a week to oil my scalp as an overnight pre-shampoo treatment the day before my wash days.  It has really helped thicken up my thinned out hair and softens my new growth. That is really important for me since I stretch several months between my texlax treatments. This oil is an absolute must have for me. I am very thankful for learning about it and reading so many encouraging blogs about how well JBCO works.
I pray all is well with everyone this day. As always, stay near the cross. You never know who you may meet there. Be blessed Saints! :o)


  1. This is a well written article. It has a good balance of testimony, technical informtion, and evangelism for this product. I can hear your excitement and faith as I read. Continue being a blessing to others!

    1. Thank you Bro. Levy for your kind words and encouragement. I pray they Lord continues to use me in any way for upbuilding of His kingdom. Be blessed! :o)

  2. I love castor oil on my hair!!! This is a great post. I'm currently doing a challenge I might add castor oil to my regimen more.
    Jamaican Black Castor

    1. ME TOO Sis Wick! JBCO has been a blessing to my hair. I'm a faithful user of it on my scalp. I use it more to help keep me dandruff free (have been for a year) but I will not complain about the additional growth and thickness I get using it too. Thank you for commenting. Be blessed! :o)


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