Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Dominican Hair Product: Crece Pelo Natual Leave-In

Hello Saints! I pray all is well with everyone this day. We had a wonderful weekend. The weather was great so the family and I went to Busch Gardens for the day. We had a wonderful time in the Lord!
Well for a while now I had a curiousity about Dominican hair care products. I had my first dominican blow out a few months ago and my curiosity peaked. I wanted to know how is it that women can get this high heat technique once weekly and even sometime twice weekly without seeing damage. We all know that high heat can be harmful to the hair. So of course I started to Google and Bing research about the heat protectants that are used when salon blow outs are done. Primarily I researched domican blow out treatments and products.

Monday, September 03, 2012

My Favorite Moisturizer: S-Curl No Drip!

When I first started my healthy hair care journey in August 2011 I was trying out various oils, conditioners, shampoos and moisturizers. I went through a LOT of trial error my first year especially with finding a good moisturizer.

I have 4a/b-ish hair which anyone with this type of hair texture knows that it runs dry quite often. I live in Florida so our Summers are pretty humid which is great for my hair type but the Florida winters are on the dry side too. Since I started my hair journey at the end of Summer going into Fall I needed to get on the ball to get a good daily moisturizer.