Monday, March 19, 2012

Recommendation: Prepoo Treatment

Hello  Saints! Have you ever did a pre-shampoo (prepoo) prior to washing your hair? If you have GREAT! If not I highly recommend it. It really helps add additional moisture, softness and sheen to your hair. It also will helps turn around damaged hair and put moisture back into dry brittle hair.

Coastal Scents: GO Palette - Cairo

Hello Saints! I had purchased some great items on last month. One of the items I ordered was the Coastal Scents GO Palette - Cairo. I really like  the deep neutral colors in this palette! I finally had a chance to use it and all though they're about the size of a dime, they offer great pigment. A little will go a long way.

Upon applying, the colors were soft and smooth. Some of the colors are matte and the others have shimmer. I am a work in progress with applying multiple colors and blending eyeshadow. For an amature such as myself, this palette blended very well. I applied 4 of the 12 colors from the palette. My base color was not from this palette though. I have to say I really enjoyed using this pallet. I do plan on purchasing another GO Palette soon.

Monday, March 05, 2012

Say A Little Prayer

Dear heavenly Father, thank you for watching over us and bringing us safely to see a brand new month. We thank you for all you continue to do for each of us each and every day. We know none of these days have been promised to us but you brought us here anyway. Thank you for watching over my family. Thank you for pouring out a blessing that we do not not have room enough to receive it. You are so worthy to be praised dear Lord this day and every day. Thank you for being the head of my life and my family. Thank you most of all for you being YOU. Thank you for loving me even when I do not feel worthy. Thank you for saving grace. We love you Lord. We magnify your name! Father God as we go forward into the month of March, please continue to order our steps and keep us in your safe keeping at all times. Please bless us with traveling mercy as we go to and from our destinations. Have your way in our lifes Lord. In Jesus' mighty name we pray. Amen!