Welcome by CBCLady

Welcome To My Blog
If you are in need of prayer, encouragement or just someone to fellowship with in Christ, then you have come to the right place. I enjoy sharing the Word of God as well as connecting with others who are on fire for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Not a believer yet, but would like to know about Jesus? I can help with that too. I strive to do my part for the Kingdom to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He died for my sins as well as yours. If you would like to know more just ask me.

You will also find information on daily health care for the mind, body, spirit and HAIR. I started my healthy hair care journey in August 2011 and I have gathered helpful resources to keep me on my path. I continue to research on ways to help improve my day to day hair care and will share them on my blog.

If you have any questions or there is something I can help with, please let me know. Stay near the cross because you never know who you may meet there. God bless!

Who I am!
I am a child of God. Saved, sanctified and filled with the Holy Ghost. I've known the Lord all of my life but there was a time in my life when I was not as close to the Lord as I should have been. Finally, after I had received enough abuse from the world, I gave my life back to my first love, Jesus Christ. I do not know where I would be today if I had not surrendered myself back to the Lord's unchanging hand. I love the Lord. I live for the Lord and the Lord lives in me.

I live in Tampa Bay, FL USA and have been married for 12 years come December 2016. I have been a stay at home parent since my daughter was born in 2006. I have been blessed with 5 children and 3 step-grandchildren. I am married to a wonderful true man of God. My husband loves the Lord with all is heart and soul.  In 2007 my husband and I started Christ's Bible Church and have since been guided by the Lord to change the name of our ministry to The Change In Me Ministry. I am excited to say my husband is not only my best friend but he is also my pastor. I thank the Lord every day for blessing me with my husband. Him and I have had our share in trials and tribulations in our past but the Lord has brought us together. Since I have been with my husband he has been an inspiration for me as I continue my walk with Christ. My husband is my bread winner and I am his virtuous woman.

I created this blog to be an encouragement to anyone who needs true Christian fellowship and someone who will pray for them in their time of need. I also want to provide enlightenment on proper health care for the mind, body and HAIR. I have noticed since I started taking better care of my hair, that women of color lack true understanding about caring for our type of hair. I pray that I can be a help to anyone that requires understanding when it comes to the care for our delicate hair. I am not an expert. I do not have any kind of degrees or certifications. I am a servant of the Lord who hopes to be of help to someone in need. If I do not have an answer for you I will do my best to find one. If at any time I post something that may not line up to your understanding, please let me know with a true and humble heart.

So, how may I be of help to you today? May God bless you and keep you always in His safe keeping in Jesus' name.