Wednesday, January 08, 2014

VO5 Conditioner & Eco Styler Gel

Hello Saints and Happy New Year! Process of elimination continues.... So, for awhile I had been wearing my hair in flat twist outs and recently wash n' goes. When I put my leave-in and/or curly pudding in my hair then apply my Eco Styler Gel I would end up with little white clumps in my hair. My hair looked ashy and white for some reason. I did not have it before but now I did. So, I had to recap. I washed my little girls hair (she's 7yrs old) last week. Shampoo'd, oil rinsed, AVC rinsed and then conditioned her hair with VO5 Moisture Milk Conditioner. When I began to twist her hair I applied her leave-in, curly butter and sealed with my whipped shea butter. As soon as I put the Eco gel on, her hair clumped with little white balls. I remembered whenever I used VO5 conditioner and gel in her hair, it did not mix well at all. 

Given that, I had to think back to my wash days that I did a wash n' go. I have been using VO5 Shea Cashmere Moisturizing conditioner for one of my cowash days. I make sure to thoroughly rinse the conditioner out. Now, even with rinsing the conditioner completely out, it still leaves a residue that turns into clumps when gel is applied. So, this has been my underline issue. 

I kept going through different leave-ins because I thought it was the product but at the same time I knew they worked in the past. Well, as much I as love VO5 for my cowashes, it just does not mix with my other products. It's all good though. I will keep them around for moisturizing and occasional cowash day when I'm not using gel. :o) 

I pray all is well with everyone this New Year 2014. As always, stay near the cross because you never know who you may meet there. Blessings!

In Christ's Love,
CBCLady :o)


  1. I found a great WNG combo... I use SCurl activator as a leave in and a little Wetline Gel (protein free) on top. I'm able to get 7 day hair (4 a/b) from my WNG. To refresh daily I just use steam from the shower and shake. To moisturize nightly I alternate with an oil and SCurl activator...So easy and the results are priceless.

    1. That's what I'm talking about! I just started using Aloe Vera gel by Fruit of the Earth. It's 100% aloe vera gel and it has my edges laid! Plus it's very moisturizing since it doesn't have protein. Thank you so much for sharing. *taking notes*


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