Wednesday, January 08, 2014

VO5 Conditioner & Eco Styler Gel

Hello Saints and Happy New Year! Process of elimination continues.... So, for awhile I had been wearing my hair in flat twist outs and recently wash n' goes. When I put my leave-in and/or curly pudding in my hair then apply my Eco Styler Gel I would end up with little white clumps in my hair. My hair looked ashy and white for some reason. I did not have it before but now I did. So, I had to recap. I washed my little girls hair (she's 7yrs old) last week. Shampoo'd, oil rinsed, AVC rinsed and then conditioned her hair with VO5 Moisture Milk Conditioner. When I began to twist her hair I applied her leave-in, curly butter and sealed with my whipped shea butter. As soon as I put the Eco gel on, her hair clumped with little white balls. I remembered whenever I used VO5 conditioner and gel in her hair, it did not mix well at all.