Monday, August 05, 2013

Transitioning to Natural: 10 Months Post

Hello Saints! Another month down which now puts me at 10 months post! That is absolutely amazing to me. It truly is. I may sound as if this transitioning to natural is an easy thing but it surely is not! Transitioning hair takes alot of commitment and dedication. The hair is battling with two totally different textures and somehow I have to figure out how to give both textures the care and needs that are required. Now at 10 months post, my natural texture is truly overruling what is left of my relaxed ends. I have trimmed my ends some but I'm going to go to a salon and get a professional trim soon. It will more than likely be after the kids go back to school which is this month. 

I have made some adjustments to my regimen since my last transition update. I did some trial and error using heat safely to see if it would help minimize shedding, breakage, kinks and tangles. I flat ironed my hair 1x weekly for two (2) weeks and then wore my natural coils for two (2).  I learned that when my hair is smoothed (flat ironed) I had alot less breakage and shedding as a whole. I nearly had none of either! Isn't that something?? If I have less shedding and breakage that means I am retaining length which is now one of my personal goals.  Before flat ironing, I made sure to cleanse, condition, deep condition with heat and use a heat protectant. My next wash day my hair reverts back to its coils beautifully. So, needless to say I will be incorporating flat ironing my hair SAFELY into my regimen. It will not be an every week thing but it will be apart of my hair care.

I have also decided to COWash (conditioner only wash) my hair with a COWash product weekly followed by conditioning and deep conditioning with heat. I now shampoo only once a month. This is new so I will watch my scalp closely for signs of dryness. My regimen is moisture heavy so I think my scalp will be fine. I feel taking a wash day out of my regimen will help minimize manipulating my hair often. Come the cooler winter months I may add an additional wash but I'll know what I will need to do when the time comes. I'm also, on the hunt for a full cap wig for additional protective styling.

So here is a recap:

  • I shampoo 1x monthly
  • I COWash, condition and deep condition 1x weekly
  • I have dded flat iron safely into regimen
  • I am monitoring my scalp with new changes in regimen
  • I am continuing on my transition to natural with hope to end in January 2014
I pray all is well with everyone this day and every day. As always, stay near the cross, Saints because you never know who you may meet there. Be blessed! :o)

In Christ's Love,

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