Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The BEST Flat Twist Out EVER!

Hello Saints! Last month I ordered for the first time the Ouidad $5 sample pack which included two gels, a leave-in, shampoo and conditioner. I got an additional free sample of my choice plus free shipping with this offer. At the time of this special, Ouidad was also offering a 5 day Deal of the Day. Each day they had a special package offer or free products with a purchase. On day 4 of the special, with ANY purchase you would receive their Moisture Lock Leave-In Conditioner 6oz and Sun Shield Sun & Sport Leave-In Spray 8.5oz for FREE. Those two products together is $37. Talk about savings!! So needless I took advantage on this day and ordered my daughter and I the $5 sample pack and received an additional sample and the 2 full size leave-ins for free and free shipping too! I could not pass this deal up! :o)

I have only used the Moisture Lock Leave-In so far and I absolutely LOVE it! I'm currently 9 months post in  my transition to natural and this leave-in is AWESOME! It really moisturizes my hair and it stays moisturized after completely dry. I have been on the hunt for a moisturizing leave-in pretty much since I started my hair care journey. I've tried various products but I could not find anything that would keep my hair soft once completely dried. Well I truly believe my search is over Saints!

Yesterday, I really put the Moist Lock Leave-In to the test when I did a flat twist out. For a month I have been trying to find the right product to get a moisturized and defined flat twist out. I wanted it to last all day and have minimal frizz. So on my cowash day, which was Monday, on wet hair I applied the Moisture Lock Leave-In, sealed with jojoba oil and Eco Styler Krystal Gel as my styler. I rolled my ends up with small yellow perm rods, covered with my satin cap and called it a night. The next day when I took the twists out... POW!!! An AMAZING flat twist out!! Saints, this has been a long time coming of trial and error. I will not look any further. This is all I need for my twist out. GOD IS GOOD! My hair was supper defined, moist and had minimal frizz. I know with my hair type I cannot be completely frizz free with these coils but this leave-in did exactly what I wanted. It mixed well with the Eco Styler gel which was a bonus because there are other products I have tried that did not agree with it and caused little white balls. YUCK! So, I am in love! Ouidad Moisture Lock Leave-In has become a must have and therefor it is now my STAPLE!! *applauding* I am able to get it locally at Ulta so I will not always have to place an order online and pay shipping. It costs $16 for a 6oz bottle but for me it is so worth it. There are other sizes and I'm sure I will indulge and get the large bottles as my hair grows but for right now the 6oz will work for my shoulder length hair.

I still have the other samples to try out so I will review them soon. I pray all is well with everyone this day and everyday. As always, stay near the cross because you never know who you will meet there. Be blessed Saints! :o)

In Christ's Love,

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