Thursday, March 14, 2013

Transitioning: 5 Months Post

Hello Saints! I am 5 months post texlax and still going strong with the transition to natural. I have not had to change nor add any additional treatments or care thus far through the transition.  Right now I am going through trial and error with styles that will be able to blend the two textures.  While still figuring that out I have learned within these past five months that my hair does not require protein as much. I definitely have to make sure I stay up on my moisture.  The moisture needs has increased but the need for protein has decreased.  I no longer  do weekly protein treatments with Aphogee 2 Minute Reconstructor.
I do have a treatment mask by Shea Moisture and a serum by Organix that have a mild protein which is really all the protein my hair requires right now.  I have very little breakage now and my shedding is average.  I had my ends trimmed last week which was much needed.  I am feeling truly blessed that my transition is going well. GOD IS GOOD! :oD

This is a photo of my first flat twist out. I was super excited about the results. The only thing is my hair was flat ironed (first time in 2 months) last week so this was not done on my reverted hair. My natural texture at the new growth had already started to curl up though. My wash day is tomorrow so I will see out it goes on my freshly washed and air dried hair.

For this look I did 10 flat 2 strand twists going down the sides and the back. For my ends I rolled them up with sponge rollers since I was about to go to bed. I could not sleep comfortably with perm rods or rollers on the ends. The sponge roller were very comfortable. The products I used were the following:
  • Moisturized with S-Curl No Drip (original formula)
  • Sealed the moisture in with extra virgin coconut oil
  • Styling product used Beautiful Textures Curl Definer Mousse (New product)
In the morning before untwisting I applied Organix Anti-Breakage Coconut Serum to my hands to minimize frizz. Once they were all untwisted I fluffed at the roots for volume and went about my day. Loved the look! When bed time came I redid the flat twist making only 6 and used Shea Moisture Curl Smoothie (pink label). 

I'm hoping I like the results after washing my hair. I think the products I'm using should allow the twist to come out as I hope. We shall see.

I pray all is well with everyone this day and everyday. If anyone has any questions or is in need of prayer please let me know. I got your back. As always, stay near the cross because you never know who you may meet there. Be blessed Saints! :o)

In Christ's Love,
CBCLady :o)

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