Saturday, January 05, 2013

BEE MINE All the Time

Hello Saints! I pray all is well with everyone. The holidays are over but the the hair journey must go one! LOL

So, for a while I was looking for a moisturizing deep conditioner. I wanted it to be protein free since I like use Aphogee Two Minute for my weekly protein treatment and I follow up with a moistruizing deep conditioning. I had tried various sample packs from Sally Beauty and others from department stores like Walmart. I had some great results but I was not too impresed with some of the ingredients. Sometimes my hair would be moisturized after the rinse but once completely dry it was dull and bone dry as if I had not deep condition.

I was informed of a product line called Bee Mine which I have mentioned before in a previous post and really like the products I have used and still continue to use in my hair care. There is a deep conditioner in the product line called BEE-U-Ti-FUL Deep Conditioner. It is made with natural ingredients and it smells unbelievalbly amazing! I ordered the trial size and went from there.

Upon the receiving my 2oz trial size of Bee Mine deep conditioner I used 3tsps and added 3tsps of my castor and grape seed oil mix. After mixing I applied it to my freshly shampoo'd hair, combed through, covered with a plastic cap and sat under the hood drier for 20 minutes. There after I co-washed it out with Herbal Essences Honey, I'm Strong conditioner. My hair felt soooooo good! Bee Mine deep conditioner is now my official staple. I ordered the 16oz jar and have used it faithfully every week for my deep conditioning treatment.  If anyone is on the hunt for a moisturizing, non-protein, all natural deep conditioner then I highly recommend this one. If anyone has any questions, please let me know.

Be blessed  and as always, stay near the cross. You never know who you may meet there. :o)

In Christ's Love,
CBCLady :o)

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