Monday, May 07, 2012

Day 7: 21 Day Hair Fast

Hello Saints! Well it has been 1 week since I started my hair fast. I have faithfully not used any hair appliances nor styling products. It has just been various oils, water, my aloe vera mix (which has all pure/natural ingredients) and shea butter. I have not used shampoo of any kind. I have either rinsed my hair with water only or used my organic conditioner by Alba. I did the GHE (green house effect) every day from serval hours to overnite. All is going well and my hair is feeling tremendously moist and strong. I am not having any issue with shedding that concerns me nor breakage. I have 2 weeks to go! I will be doing a heavy protein treatment using Aphogee 2 Step once I complete my hair fast a few days before putting my relaxer in (I actually texlax though). Over the weekend I co-washed and wore my drawstring ponytail when I was out and about.

May 7, 2012
Today I prayed and did my walk for exercise with my boys after putting my little girl on the school bus. I rinsed my hair with water in the shower and applied my conditioner so I could comb out my hair. The last time I combed out my hair was Wednesday so it was a must. My shedding was normal giving that it has been a few days since I last combed out my hair. I have applied extra virgin coconut oil and avocado oil to my damp hair then put it in a bun (see photo). Prior to going to bed I will say my prayer and add a little more oil to my ends and cover with a plastic cap to do the GHE overnite. I'm excited to see the end results when I texlax in a few weeks.

I pray all is well with everyone this day. Be blessed! :o)

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