Monday, March 19, 2012

Recommendation: Prepoo Treatment

Hello  Saints! Have you ever did a pre-shampoo (prepoo) prior to washing your hair? If you have GREAT! If not I highly recommend it. It really helps add additional moisture, softness and sheen to your hair. It also will helps turn around damaged hair and put moisture back into dry brittle hair.

What should you prepoo with? Any pure oil, butter like shea butter or a moisturizing conditioner. I personally prepoo with an oil. My oil of choice is extra virgin coconut oil. After reading and hearing so much about the benefits of coconut oil I went with it and I'm so glad I did! I have tried other oils for a prepoo treatment like extra virgin olive oil but no other oil I have tried gave me results like coconut oil. It is one of few oils that will actually penetrate into to the hair shaft. I apply a generous amount starting at my ends and work my way up to the roots. There after I apply a plastic cap, my satin nightcap and call it a night. The next day at some point I will either co-wash or shampoo it out. You do not have to prepoo over night however 1+ hours prior to washing your hair I do recommend. I have read recommendations to apply a prepoo treatment and sit under a hair drier for 15-20 minutes to see results as well.

Some people refer to prepoo as doing the Green House Effect. The process for the GHE requires a few more additional steps and recommendations. That's another post for another time though. :o)

Prior to doing prepoo treatments, I did some research online to learn what kind of results I would see or could expect. I must say I continue to have amazing results in my hair every time. Prepoo is definitely a staple treatment in my hair care. Along with me eating healthy and drinking water my hair has accelerated in growth as well in thickness. Remember healthy hair does not come from only what is applied to it but what goes into the body as well.

Be blessed Saints! :o)

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