Monday, January 30, 2012

Be Mine: Fabulous and All Natural
I am absolutely loving this natural hair care line! I had first read about it on and thought about giving it a try. I finally placed my first order in December 2011 and selected trial sizes of the Strawberry Kiwi Serum (growth aid), Juicy Moisturizing Daily Spritz and Deja's Hair Milk-Sweet Peach. After trying all three products I was sold. I was trying my best to stretch those 2oz bottles as far as I could. The first two I applied was the daily spritz and the hair milk. I would moisturize first with the hair milk, spritz and then seal with oil. I applied the serum to my scalp only on my wash day or I would mix a few drops in my deep conditioner. I loved how each of them left my hair feeling and smelling. I was so pleased with my purchase I sent a personal thank you to the company. To my suprise I recieved a reply from the founder Tracey Q. thanking me in return.

This month I wanted to place an order for a full 8oz size in the Deja's Hair Milk-Sweet Peach however the scent was a limited edition and sold out so there was no option to place an order. I sent an email to the company enquiring if they would be restocking the sweet peach scent or if it was possible to do a special order (yea, it was that serious). I recieved a reply from Tracey explaining that the sweet peach scent was offered during the holidays with limited quanities. It was first come first serve. They no longer accept special orders HOWEVER Tracey still offered to make a batch of Deja's Hair Milk in sweet peach per my request. Tracey informed me that she would hold back two bottles for me in case they sold out before I was able to place my order. Now THAT'S what I call customer service! Needless to say I placed me an order for two 8oz bottles of the hair milk. I live in Tampa Bay and their company is located in Clearwater, FL so I recieved my order in no time.

I'm living it up now with  my sweet peach scented hair milk and loving it! I use it as a leave-in, moisturizer and a refresher. I went to the website today and there were still some 8oz bottles left. Lord willing, by the end of the week there will still be some available and if so I will place another order. There are other products I will be ordering to try out as well like the deep conditioner and curly butter for my girls. One is all natural and the other is transitioning.

If you have not tried Bee Mine I highly recommend it. Bee blessed! :o)

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