Saturday, October 01, 2011

Hair Products for Long Hair Growth

 Some people find it terribly difficult to grow their hair past a certain point. They may feel that their hair isn't growing. This is not true; hair is always growing. The problem is that hair has a certain lifespan. When people experience hair loss, hair is falling out at a much faster rate than it is growing. When hair seems to stay the same length, the fallout and growth rate are pretty much the same. To get hair to grow longer, you have to speed up the growth rate and retain more of the hair that is present. There are certain products that can help with this process.

Hair, nail and skin vitamins are great for speeding up the growth rate of hair. Andrew Lessman's formula is a good brand that has many of the essential vitamins needed to grow hair (see Resources).

Ovation Cell Therapy
Ovation Cell Therapy is a product that has shown results in growing hair and retaining length. The three-part system includes Ovation Cell Therapy, Ovation Crème Rinse and Ovation Color Therapy (see Resources).

Megatek started off as a horse grooming tool that kept horses' manes long and shiny. They now market the products to people who want to grow longer hair.

Gro-Aut Oil
Gro-Aut Oil is specially formulated oil that stimulates new hair growth. Using the system of shampoo, conditioner, coconut oil, bhringraj oil and mahabhringraj oil, hair grows longer and stronger quickly (see Resources).

Protein Shakes
What you put in your body is very important for hair growth. Drinking protein shakes helps to promote growth while making hair strong, which leads to hair retention and longer locks.

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